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Jans Casa Quick Start Guide#


This document is intended for administrators only. Learn here how to "grant" administrative privileges for Casa.

Use this guide to install and configure your Casa deployment.


Jans Casa can be used with Janssen Server or Gluu Flex Server. At installation time (applies to any of these two products), you will be prompted if you desire to include Casa. If you want to add Casa post-installation, you will simply have to re-run the installer and ensure to select Casa.


The "out-of-the-box" login experience in Casa consists of the usual username and password prompt. To start leveraging a stronger authentication, consider the authentication methods you would like to support, for instance:

  • One Time Passcodes (OTP) sent via SMS
  • One Time Passcodes (OTP) obtained through physical OTP devices or apps
  • FIDO devices
  • Super Gluu mobile notifications

You can choose one or more of these, or create plugins to support more authentication mechanisms.

Enable scripts#

First, the custom authentication scripts corresponding to the authentication methods of your preference must be enabled in the server. For this purpose you can use TUI or the Admin UI if you have Gluu Flex Server installed.

Scripts can be more easily looked up by display name. The below table shows the display names of the scripts previously listed:

Script Display name
OTP (SMS) twilio_sms
OTP (apps or hardware) otp
FIDO devices fido2
Super gluu super_gluu

As an example, connect to your server and run python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/, follow the prompts, and navigate to the scripts tab. There, search for the script matching the type of 2FA credential you want to support, e.g. fido2, otp, etc. Press enter to open the script details page. Select the "Enabled" field and press space (an asterisk will be displayed). Finally, press the "save" button.

Important notes:

  • Usage of OTP via SMS requires the setup of a Twilio account and extra configuration of the custom script. Check this document for reference
  • Usage of Super Gluu has some preliminar requisites and requires extra configuration of the custom script

Enable methods in Casa#

Once scripts are enabled and configured, login to Casa as administrator (visit https://<your-server-name>/jans-casa) and enable the methods you want to offer Casa users.

Add the strong authentication settings plugin#

This step is optional. Check this page for more information. Use this plugin if you need to exercise an advanced control on how 2FA behaves in your Casa deployment.

Test enrollment and 2FA#

Do the following steps using a testing account with no administrative privileges:

  • Login to Casa. Only username and password should be prompted
  • Use the menu on the left to access the screens from which enrollment of credentials can be performed
  • Ensure at least two credentials have been added. In the home page, turn on 2FA
  • Log off and log back in. From now on, besides username and password, one credential has to be presented to get access

Click here to learn more about 2FA in Casa.

Finish configuration#

Once you are done with testing, you may use casa as the default authentication method of Janssen Server using TUI to log in users via Casa for all applications the server protects.

Finally, as a security measure you can thoroughly disable access to the administrative console of Casa by following the steps below:

  1. Connect to your server
  2. Navigate to /opt/jans/jetty/jans-casa
  3. remove file .administrable (ie. rm .administrable)

If you want to make the admin console available again you need to recreate the marker file:

  1. Create an empty file (eg. touch .administrable)
  2. Run chown casa:casa .administrable (do this only if you are on FIPS environment)
  3. Logout in case you have an open browser session, and login again

Check out available plugins#

Browse our catalog of plugins to add features and expand Casa!.

Last update: 2024-05-01
Created: 2024-01-05