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Inbound SAML


Janssen supports authentication against external SAML identity provider (IDP) namely inbound SAML/inbound identity. This document provides instructions for configuring Janssen server

Enable inbound SAML#

Make sure you have Janssen server with SAML plugin installed and enabled. SAML plugin can be enabled using TUI (Jans Saml -> Contribution)

Inbound SAML Authentication Flow#

The following is a high-level diagram depicting a typical inbound identity user authentication and provisioning workflow.

Configure SAML IDP#

Use Janssen Text-based UI(TUI) or Janssen command-line interface to create new IDP Keycloak Server. 1. Navigate to Inbound SAML

  1. Click on Add IDP

  2. Enter a name (unique identifier) for this provider (letters, digits, and underscore characters allowed).

  3. Enter a display name for the IDP

  4. Upload IDP Metadata using Import Metadata from File.

  5. Optionally provide individual metadata elements.

  6. Save details

SAML IDP is created in Keycloak server under default realm ,jans-api. IDP details are also persisted in Jans DB.

Configure IDP for inbound SAML#

  1. SAML IDP should have been configured as stated in above
  2. Use Agama Lab is an online visual editor to build authentication flows. Learn more about Agama Lab
  3. Fork existing agama-inbound-saml project from Agama Lab Projects
  4. In Agama orchestrator create a new flow by adding a RFAC (Redirect and fetch a callback) node for SAML IDP.
  5. Deploying .gama package on Janssen Server
  6. Testing the authentication flow using Jans Tarp.
  7. Install Tarp, check details here.
  8. Open Tarp extension.
  9. Enter URL of Keycloak OpenID configuration. Example http:///realms/keycloak-external-broker/.well-known/openid-configuration.
  10. Click Register.
  11. Registered Client details are displayed, enter Additional Params to hint Keycloak about IDP to be trigger. Example {"kc_idp_hint":"gluu-saml-idp-1"}
  12. Click "Trigger Auth Code Flow.
  13. This should redirect to IDP login page.
  14. Enter user details and login.

Last update: 2024-01-18
Created: 2022-07-21