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This Reference guide helps you learn about the components and architecture of Janssen.

Janssen components#

  • auth-server: The OAuth Authorization Server, the OpenID Connect Provider, the UMA Authorization Server--this is the main Internet facing component of Janssen. It's the service that returns tokens, JWT's and identity assertions. This service must be Internet facing.
  • auth-key-rotation: Responsible for regenerating auth-keys per x hours.
  • config-api: The API to configure the auth-server and other components is consolidated in this component. This service should not be Internet-facing.
  • OpenDJ: A directory server which implements a wide range of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and related standards, including full compliance with LDAPv3 but also support for Directory Service Markup Language (DSMLv2).Written in Java, OpenDJ offers multi-master replication, access control, and many extensions.
  • Fido: Provides the server side endpoints to enroll and validate devices that use FIDO. It provides both FIDO U2F (register, authenticate) and FIDO 2 (attestation, assertion) endpoints. This service must be internet facing.
  • SCIM: a JSON/REST API to manage user data. Use it to add, edit and update user information. This service should not be Internet facing.

Architectural diagram of Janssen#


Last update: 2022-11-16
Created: 2022-09-02