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Janssen Log Configuration#

The Janssen logs can be viewed via SSH access to the server running the Janssen installation.

Log Levels#

The following log levels can be configured through the configuration CLI:

Log Level Messages Logged
Trace All messages
Debug Debug level and above
Info Informational level and above
Warn Warning level and above
Error Error level and above
Fatal Only fatal errors
Off Logging is disabled

Configuring Log Levels#

Use the following commands to get information on the logging module configuration:

  • To get the logging configuration operation ID: /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --info ConfigurationLogging
  • Output would be:
    # Log configuration operations
    Operation ID: get-config-logging
    Description: Returns Jans Authorization Server logging settings.
    Operation ID: put-config-logging
    Description: Updates Jans Authorization Server logging settings.
    Schema: /components/schemas/LoggingConfiguration
  • To get sample schema type /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --schema , for example /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --schema /components/schemas/LoggingConfiguration
  • Output:
    # Generic configuration schema
       "loggingLevel": "TRACE",
       "loggingLayout": "json",
       "httpLoggingEnabled": true,
       "disableJdkLogger": false,
       "enabledOAuthAuditLogging": true,
       "externalLoggerConfiguration": null,
       "httpLoggingExcludePaths": [
  • Status of current configuration logging: /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id get-config-logging
  • Output:
      # Current log configuration
        "loggingLevel": "INFO",
        "loggingLayout": "text",
        "httpLoggingEnabled": false,
        "disableJdkLogger": true,
        "enabledOAuthAuditLogging": false,
        "externalLoggerConfiguration": null,
        "httpLoggingExcludePaths": null

Let's assume we want to update logging configuration to TRACE. To do this, create a file /tmp/log.json with the following content:

  "loggingLevel": "TRACE",
  "loggingLayout": "text",
  "httpLoggingEnabled": false,
  "disableJdkLogger": true,
  "enabledOAuthAuditLogging": false,
  "externalLoggerConfiguration": null,
  "httpLoggingExcludePaths": null
And use the PUT operation with this file as the payload:
/opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id put-config-logging --data /tmp/log.json
The server will now have logs set to TRACE.

Setup Logs#

The Jans setup logs are available under /opt/jans/jans-setup/logs/. There are several log files available involving the setup process:

  1. mysql.log (Only used if MySQL backend is chosen during setup)
  2. os-changes.log
  3. setup.log
  4. setup_error.log

Core Logs#

The available logs for Jans server are listed below:

Config API logs#


Log File Description
configapi.log Config API main log
configapi_persistence.log Config API LDAP log
configapi_persistence_duration.log Config API LDAP operation duration log
configapi_persistence_ldap_statistics.log Config API LDAP statistics
[date].jetty.log Config API Jetty log
configapi_script.log Config API custom script log

Jans Auth server logs#


The most important log files here are described below:

  1. jans-auth.log: This log file contains most authentication related information. Generally this is the first log to review for any authentication-related troubleshooting, like authentication failure or missing clients etc.
  2. jans-auth_persistence.log: This log file contains information about the Jans Auth server communicating with the persistence backend.
  3. jans-auth_script.log: This log file contains debug messages printed from interception scripts.

Server Logs#

In some cases, it may be necessary to examine the server logs themselves.

OS Logs#

  • For Debian based systems: /var/log/syslog
  • For RPM based systems: /var/log/messages

Apache2 Server Logs#

  • For Debian based systems: /var/log/apache2/
  • For RPM based systems: /var/log/httpd/

Apache2 logs are as follows:

  1. access_log: This log contains information about requests coming into the Jans Server, success status or requests, execution time for any request etc.

  2. error_log: This log shows error messages if the web server encounter any issue while processing incoming requests.

  3. other_vhosts_access.log: This log is specific to the Jans Server setup and those links which are being requested by a user from a web browser.

Last update: 2023-04-11
Created: 2022-07-21