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Standard Logs#

All jans-auth-server log files are located in /opt/jans/jetty/jans-auth/logs/.

  1. jans-auth.log - main AS log file. All logs during execution goes here.
  2. jans-auth_script.log: - contains custom interception scripts related log messages. Use scriptLogger inside custom script to log messages to this log file.
  3. jans-auth_persistence.log - log which contains entries from AS persistance layer
  4. jans-auth_persistence_duration.log - log which contains duration of query execution. It can be useful during performance issues investigation
  5. jans-auth_persistence_ldap_statistics.log - contains LDAP statistic information
  6. jans-auth_audit.log - contains audit log information (audit is disabled by default and can be enabled via enabledOAuthAuditLogging AS configuration property)
  7. http_request_response.log - contains http request/response data. It can be enabled via httpLoggingEnabled AS configuration property.

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Last update: 2023-11-02
Created: 2022-07-21