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SCIM configuration#

Relevant configuration properties of the Jans SCIM server are summarized in the table below:

Property Default value Description
maxCount 200 Maximum number of results per page in search endpoints
bulkMaxOperations 30 Maximum number of operations admitted in a single bulk request
bulkMaxPayloadSize 3072000 Maximum payload size in bytes admitted in a single bulk request
userExtensionSchemaURI urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:gluu:2.0:User URI schema associated to the User Extension
skipDefinedPasswordValidation false Whether the validation rules defined for the password attribute in the server should be bypassed when a user is created/updated
loggingLevel INFO The logging level

Configuration management using CLI#

To retrieve the current server configuration run the command python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id get-scim-config

To modify some aspect of the retrieved configuration prepare a PATCH request in JSON format. For instance:

  "path": "bulkMaxOperations",
  "value": 100
  "path": "loggingLevel",
  "value": "DEBUG"

These contents should be then passed to the patch-scim-config operation, e.g. python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id patch-scim-config --data <path-to-JSON-file>.

Configuration management using TUI#

To retrieve the current server configuration using TUI proceed as below:

  1. Launch TUI, e.g. by running python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/, and follow the prompts
  2. Highlight the SCIM tab using your keyboard's left/right arrow key
  3. Highlight the "Get Scim Configuration" button using the tab key
  4. Press enter

You can modify the configuration in place by editing the fields of your interest. To persist the changes, highlight the "Save" button at the bottom and press enter

When will changes take effect?#

Any configuration update will take effect one minute after it has been applied whether via CLI or TUI.

Last update: 2024-06-17
Created: 2022-07-21