This guide shows how to upgrade a Janssen VM deployment.


VM deployments don't provide automatic upgrade/update support. Uninstalling and re-installing with newer binaries is the only option that requires re-configuration of auth-server. Though this is made easy using Terraform. We recommend using Kubernetes installations over VM, to avail smooth upgrades and better HA support.

Let's assume we are upgrading Jans VM installation from current version to v1.1.3

  1. Keep the old VM installation running.

  2. Install on a separate VM the target new Jans installation, i.e. v1.1.3.

    You can install with a test client. For example:

    sudo python3 /opt/jans/jans-setup/setup.py -test-client-id 6382c9da-f25d-435f-ac63-6acde36f4859 -test-client-pw secret1172023

    This client-id and client-pw will then be used to import Terraform configurations

  3. Use our Terraform docs on the new installation, i.e. v1.1.3 to:

    • import all the global configurations from the new installation using terraform import
    • define all the custom IDP configurations and apply them using terraform apply
  4. At this point there should be two versions up, old version and v1.1.3.

  5. Traffic should be switched gradually from the old setup to the new setup. Once confidence is gained, drain the old VM.

Last update: 2023-07-24
Created: 2023-07-24