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Using TUI Command Line Log#

When you do a write operation (post/put/patch) with Jans TUI, it logs activities to file <log-dir>/cli_cmd.log,default log-dir is home directory.

Consider you created a user with TUI and have the following line in cli_cmd.log:

/usr/bin/python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/cli/ --operation-id post-user --data '{"customObjectClasses": ["top", "jansPerson"], "customAttributes": [{"name": "middleName", "multiValued": false, "values": [""]}, {"name": "sn", "multiValued": false, "values": ["Watts"]}, {"name": "nickname", "multiValued": false, "values": [""]}], "mail": "", "userId": "ewatts", "displayName": "Emelia Watts", "givenName": "Emelia", "userPassword": "TopSecret", "jansStatus": "active"}'

You can modify this line to create another user, let us change the followings:

userId padilla userPassword NewSecret sn Padilla givenName Reggie displayName Padilla Reggie mail

New command will become:

/usr/bin/python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/cli/ --operation-id post-user --data '{"customObjectClasses": ["top", "jansPerson"], "customAttributes": [{"name": "middleName", "multiValued": false, "values": [""]}, {"name": "sn", "multiValued": false, "values": ["Padilla"]}, {"name": "nickname", "multiValued": false, "values": [""]}], "mail": "", "userId": "padilla", "displayName": "Padilla Reggie", "givenName": "Reggie", "userPassword": "NewSecret", "jansStatus": "active"}'

When you execute this command, user will be created:

Server Response:
  "dn": "inum=65a5a60c-d314-426d-a8f4-8c36325a1024,ou=people,o=jans",
  "userId": "padilla",
  "createdAt": "2023-05-30T09:48:58",
  "customAttributes": [
      "name": "sn",
      "multiValued": false,
      "values": [
      "displayValue": "Padilla",
      "value": "Padilla"
  "customObjectClasses": [
  "inum": "65a5a60c-d314-426d-a8f4-8c36325a1024",
  "mail": "",
  "displayName": "Padilla Reggie",
  "jansStatus": "active",
  "givenName": "Reggie",
  "baseDn": "inum=65a5a60c-d314-426d-a8f4-8c36325a1024,ou=people,o=jans"

Last update: 2023-08-03
Created: 2023-05-30