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Data Conversion#

This document lists the steps required to move data from LDAP to various other persistence mechanisms supported by Janssen Server.

LDAP to MySQL Migration Script#

This script migrates data from LDAP to MySQL on Ubuntu Linux platform.

  1. To use this script, firt install python3-ldap module
apt install python3-ldap
  1. Install MySQL Server, create a database (namely jansdb), add a user (namely jans) and give grant previlages to user jans on jansdb

  2. Download script to /opt/jans/jans-setup

    wget -O /opt/jans/jans-setup/

  3. Execute

    cd /opt/jans/jans-setup`
    python3 -remote-rdbm=mysql -rdbm-user=jans -rdbm-password=<password> -rdbm-db=jansdb -rdbm-host=<rdbm_host>


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Last update: 2023-08-10
Created: 2022-07-18