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Janssen Server's /end_session endpoint supports logout using OpenId Connect RP-initiated Logout mechanism. When using OpenID Connect Logout, it is recommended to use Front-Channel Logout. In Front-Channel Logout the browser receives a page with a list of application logout urls within an iframe. This prompts the browser to call each application logout individually and the OpenID Connect end-session endpoint via Javascript.

URL to access end session endpoint on Janssen Server is listed in the response of Janssen Server's well-known configuration endpoint given below.

end_session_endpoint claim in the response specifies the URL for end session endpoint. By default, end session ndpoint looks like below:

Refer to this article from Gluu Server documentation to understand how end session endpoint works in Janssen Server.

More information about request and response of the end session endpoint can be found in the OpenAPI specification of jans-auth-server module.

Disabling The Endpoint Using Feature Flag#

/end_session endpoint can be enabled or disable using END_SESSION feature flag. Use Janssen Text-based UI(TUI) or Janssen command-line interface to perform this task.

When using TUI, navigate via Auth Server->Properties->enabledFeatureFlags to screen below. From here, enable or disable END_SESSION flag as required.

Configuration Properties#

End session endpoint can be further configured using Janssen Server configuration properties listed below. When using Janssen Text-based UI(TUI) to configure the properties, navigate via Auth Server->Properties.

Apart from the above-mentioned server properties, the properties relevant to individual clients can be configured during client registration or can be edited later. When using Janssen Text-based UI(TUI) to configure the properties, navigate via Auth Server-> Clients->logout as show in image below:

Interception Scripts#

Response from end session endpoint can be further customized using end session interception script.

This script can be used to customize the HTML response generated from end session endpoint.

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Last update: 2023-09-14
Created: 2022-07-21