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Native Single Sign-On#

An increasing number of mobile phone users are using multiple mobile applications from the same software vendor. For instance, it is fairly common to see people using multiple mobile apps from software vendors like Google and Microsoft, etc.

Software vendors need a way to allow users to sign-in to one of the apps provided by the software vendor and users should be able to use all other apps from the same vendor without having to sign-in again. In short, single sign-on for applications belonging to the same vendor.

Janssen Server supports OpenID Connect native SSO mechanism to enable SSO for mobile applications.

Scope Support#

Janssen Server supports the device_sso scope as defined by the specification. Software vendor wanting to leverage native SSO feature should build the apps so during initial user authentication, the app would send device_sso scope in the authorization request.

The presence of the device_sso scope in the authorization request would enable AS to return device_secret in the token response from the token endpoint.

Device Secret#

device_secret is an opaque value returned to the application from the token endpoint as a response to a token exchange request. Janssen Server will return device_secret only if the code provided by the application in token exchange request has device_sso scope.

Janssen Server also checks if the client has the token exchange grant type enabled. To enable the grant type, use Janssen Text-based UI(TUI) and enable token exchange grant (urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:token-exchange).

The device_token claim in the returned token response contains the device secret. Janssen Server stores the device secretes issued to a client in the corresponding session-id.

Processing Token Exchange Request#

Janssen Server carries out the processing of token requests as per rules and checks defined in the specification.

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Last update: 2023-09-26
Created: 2022-07-21