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The Janssen Server acts as a SAML Identity Provider to support outbound SAML single sign-on (SSO). It does this by leveraging the SAML features available in Keycloak, while leveraging the Janssen Server's authentication module to handle the user authentication part of SSO. Once authentication is successful, the user is redirected to the SP with personal attributes and an active SSO session.


During installation of the Janssen Server, simply select the option Install Jans KC to install and setup SAML SSO for Keycloak. Instructions on how to setup SAML SSO with Keycloak post-install will eventually be provided.

Managing SAML Service Providers Through the Jans-Cli#

To act as an IDP to various SAML SPs (Service Providers), the latter need to be added to the Janssen Server. This can be done via the Jans TUI which is what we will cover in this section.

Adding a SAML SP#

  1. Open Jans-TUI
  2. Select the menu item Jans SAML > Service Providers
  3. Then navigate and select <Add Service Provider>
  4. Input the following:
    1. Display Name : An identifiable name for the Service Provider
    2. Enable TR: Whether or not the Service Provider should be enabled
    3. Metadata Location: The location of the metadata. The supported options so far are file and manual.
    4. Released Attributes: The user attributes to be released via the SAML response if authentication is successful

The configurable options are kept to the bare functional minimum but will be expanded gradually.

The manual metadata option for Metadata Location, allows the possibility to specify SP metadata information manually.

IDP Metadata Location#

For SAML authentication to work, there is a need for the SPs to trust the IDP, which usually is done by using an IDP metadata file that will be used on the SP side. The metadata can be found at https://<server-hostname>/kc/realms/jans/protocol/saml/descriptor where <server-hostname> is the hostname of the Janssen server specified during installation.

IDP Initiated Flows#

This content is a work in progress

IDP Key Management#

This content is a work in progress

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Last update: 2024-02-27
Created: 2022-07-21