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Log level and Logging Layout Parameters of Janssen's FIDO2 server:#

Field named Example Description
loggingLevel "INFO" or "TRACE" or "DEBUG" Logging level for FIDO2 server
loggingLayout "text" or "json" Contents of logs as plain text or json format

1. Read Configuration parameters:#

Use the following command to obtain configuration parameters:

/opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id get-properties-fido2



2. Update loggingLevel or loggingLayout:#

Steps: A. Create a JSON file say /tmp/config_values.json by editing the JSON from Point 1 and - edit loggingLevel to TRACE or DEBUG or INFO - edit loggingLayout to text or json

B. Use the following command to update the logging level /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id post-config-scripts --data /tmp/config_values.json

C. restart jans-fido2 service fido2 restart or systemctl restart fido2

Location of logs in FIDO2 server:#

Logs can be found at /opt/jans/jetty/jans-fido2/logs

Last update: 2023-01-02
Created: 2022-07-07