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Install Janssen Server using Dynamic Download#

The dynamic download installs the latest development version of the Janssen Server.


This method of installation is suitable only for testing, development, or feature exploration purposes. Not for production deployments.

System Requirements#

System should meet minimum VM system requirements


  • curl should be installed


  1. Download the installer

    curl >

  2. Execute Installer

To execute installer, run the command below:


The installer can be invoked using various options to tailor the installation process. Invoke the commands below to know about all the available options.

python3 --help

One particularly useful option for development environments is the one below which installs the Janssen Server with test data loaded.

python3 --args="-t"

Installer can be run with all the arguments provided via command-line at the time of invocking the install script. This enables prompt-less installation. For example, see the command below:

python3 --args="-n -ip-address -host-name jans-opensuse -city ah -state gj -country in -org-name gluu -email -jans-max-mem 26349 -admin-password admin -ldap-admin-password admin --listen_all_interfaces --with-casa --install-jans-keycloak-link -t"


Use the command below to uninstall the Janssen Server


For removal of the attached persistence store, please refer to this note.

python3 -uninstall

Last update: 2024-01-31
Created: 2022-05-18