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Built-in Claims#

The Janssen Server includes all standard claims defined in OpenID Connect specifications. Built-in claims defines a standard set of pre-defined claims available to use after installation for sharing of user attributes between identity providers and relying parties.

The built-in user claims in Janssen are listed in below table

Display Name Claim Name Description
Username user_name Username of user
Password user_password Password of user
First Name given_name First name of user
Middle Name middle_name Middle name of user
Last Name family_name Last name of user
Display Name name Display name of user
Email email Email address of user
Nickname nickname Nickname used for user
CIBA Device Registration Token jans_backchannel_device_registration_tkn CIBA Device Registration Token
CIBA User code jans_backchannel_usr_code CIBA User code
Locale locale End-User's locale, represented as a BCP47 (RFC5646) language tag
Website URL website URL of the End-User's Web page or blog
IMAP Data imap_data IMAP data
jansAdminUIRole jansAdminUIRole Gluu Flex Admin UI role
Enrollment code jans_enrollment_code Enrollment code
User Permission user_permission User permission
Preferred Language preferred_language Preferred language
Profile URL profile Profile URL
Secret Question secret_question Secret question used to verify user identity
Email Verified email_verified Is user's email verified?
Birthdate birthdate Baithdate of user
Time zone info zoneinfo The End-User's time zone
Phone Number verified phone_number_verified Is user's phone number verified?
Preferred Username preferred_username A domain issued and managed identifier for the person
TransientId transient_id ...
PersistentId persistent_id ...
Country country User's country
Secret Answer secret_answer Secret answer used to verify user identity
OpenID Connect JSON formatted address address End-User's preferred postal address. The value of the address member is a JSON structure containing some or all of the members defined in OpenID Connect 1.0 Core Standard Section 5.1.1
User certificate user_certificate User certificate
Organization o Organization
Picture URL picture User's picture url

Last update: 2023-08-22
Created: 2022-07-21