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The UMA requesting party token (RPT) is an OAuth access token associated with the UMA grant. An RPT is unique to a requesting party, client, authorization server, resource server, and resource owner.

The client uses the RPT in the Authorization header of an API request. The RPT bearer token conveys that UMA policy evaluation was successful on Auth Server.

The Client may also present the RPT token while making a request to Auth Server for a new RPT, for example to up-scope or down-scope a token.

For more information on UMA, see the specifications: * User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization * Federated Authorization for User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0

Server properties#

umaRptAsJwt Default: False - : Reference token is the default

umaRptLifetime Default: 3600 seconds - : 60 minutes

introspectionAccessTokenMustHaveUmaProtectionScope Default: False - :

umaGrantAccessIfNoPolicies Default: False - :

umaTicketLifetime Default: 3600 seconds - : 60 minutes - Returned by the Resource Server to the Client for presentation at the UMA token endpoint. The ticket is the equivalent of the code in the OAuth code flow.

umaAddScopesAutomatically Default: True - :

umaPctLifetime Default: 1728000 seconds - : The PCT is a pushed claim token that references a previous claims gathering flow, so you don't have to bother the subject again for this information.

umaValidateClaimToken Default: False - :

umaRestrictResourceToAssociatedClient Default: False - :

Last update: 2023-04-11
Created: 2022-07-21