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Welcome Admins! This collection of guides will help you deploy, configure and operate Janssen software. Use the left navigation to dig deeper into each specific area.

  • Deployment and Planning Guide High level design concepts and architecture.

  • Installation Howto's for VM and cloud native deployment

  • Kubernetes Operation Guide Day-to-day administration for cloud native

  • VM Operation Guide Day-to-day administration if you installed a SUSE, Red Hat, or Ubuntu linux package.

  • Configuration Guide How to use the various configuration tools: command line, curl, or the text user interface ("TUI").

  • Auth Server Admin Guide How to configure OpenID, OAuth, authentication workflows, and other core functional digital identity features.

  • Developer Guide How to write code to customize the Janssen, and introducing Agama, a programming language for web authentication flows.

  • Reference Guide Autogenerated content like JSON properties, OpenAPI docs, database schemas, javadocs.

  • FIDO Admin Guide Operational and functional info for the FIDO service.

  • SCIM Admin Guide Operational and functional info for the SCIM service.

  • Integration Guide A collection of docs about configuring third party software and SaaS providers.

  • Config API Admin Guide This required component is used by all configuration tools to write Janssen software configuration to the database.

  • Janssen Recipes Howto's about various frequently asked topics

  • Upgrade Guide Getting to the latest version of Janssen.

  • Script Catalog Examples of doing useful stuff with the various Janssen interception scripts.

  • User Management How to use jans-link and other available tools for user management


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Last update: 2024-01-30
Created: 2022-09-02