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Janssen Config API#

Janssen(Jans) Config API is an application programming interface (API) gateway managing configuring of various Janssen modules.

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Jans Config API features:#

  1. Jans Config API uses REST endpoints to communicate.
  2. Jans Config API endpoint are OAuth 2.0 protected. More details here
  3. Jans Config API plugin architecture can be used to add new features. More details here.
  4. Config API endpoint can be used to create new user, clients, scopes, etc. This data is stores into the same persistence store as the Jans-Auth server.

Jans Config API Flow#

title Jans Config API request flow

participant Admin
participant Admin UI
participant Config API
participant Auth Server
participant Jans Persistence

Admin->>Admin UI: Create Client
note over Admin UI: Click on plus sign to Create Client and Save button to create new client
Config API->>Auth Server: Introspect Token
Auth Server->>Config API: Returns Introspection Response
Config API->>Config API: Successful validation of token claim with Introspection Response
Config API->>Jans Persistence: Validate and persist client data
Config API->>Admin UI: Returns persistence status
  1. Admin: Administrator of the application. Will use Admin UI to configure application.
  2. Admin UI: Gluu graphical user interface for the administrators to manage configuration and other properties of Jans Auth Server via Jans Config API.
  3. Config API: Jans API gateway for configuring Janssen modules like Jans Auth Server, fido2, SCIM, etc.
  4. Auth Server: Janssen federated identity with comprehensive implementation of OpenID Connect. Used for introspection of access token in this flow.
  5. Jans Persistence: Jans Persistence layer to persist data in backend.

Last update: 2023-08-03
Created: 2022-05-18