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Janssen Project Documentation#


Janssen is a distribution of open source identity components which organizations can use to build a scalable federated authentication and authorization service. This documentation is always work in progress. Please help to make it better by submitting a PR if you can think of any way to improve it!

Administration Guide#

Read the Administration guide to learn how to deploy, operate and maintain the Janssen components. Planning your solution using the Deployment Guide. An easy way to get started is to try Janssen on an VM, see Installation or check the other docs for Kubernetes based installation.

Contribution Guide#

There are many ways the community can contribute to the Janssen Project. Of course, you can contribute code. But we also need people to write documentation and guides, to help us with testing, to answer questions on the forums and chat, to review PRs, to help us with devops and CI/CD, to provide feedback on usability, and to promote the project through outreach. Also, by sharing metrics with us, we can gain valuable insights into how the software performs in the wild. Resources to get started are available here.

Governance Guide#

The Janssen Project is chartered under the Linux Foundation. Information about the project's governance can be found here.

Script Catalog#

Interception scripts (or custom scripts) allow you to define custom business logic for various features in Janssen without forking the Jans Server core project. Interceptions scripts are available for many components, including Auth Server, SCIM, FIDO, and Link. The definitive location for scripts and their documentation is the Script Catalog.


Agama is a domain specific language ("DSL") designed for writing web flows, and a project archive format (".gama") which stores all the code and web assets required for deployment of an Agama project by an identity provider. Although invented by Janssen, we envision many IDP's using Agama as a cross-vendor standard for identity orchestration.


If you have any questions about usage, post on Jans Discussions or try community chat on Gitter.

If you find a bug in a Janssen project, or you would like to suggest a new feature, you should also post on GitHub Discussions first. The Jans team will try to replicate the bug, or weigh the feature request versus current priorities.


Most Janssen Project components are licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Janssen has some third party components, so it's always best to check the license for each component. We won't include any component in the distribution that has a non-OSI approved license, or a commercial trademark.

Looking for older documentation versions?#

The Janssen Project posts the last five versions of the documentation. If you are looking for older versions, you can find them unprocessed in the docs folder. Select the version of choice from the tag dropdown in GitHub. If you want to process them you may do so following the steps here.

Last update: 2024-01-22
Created: 2020-06-13