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Developer Guide: Lock PDP Client#

Janc core messages API#

Jans provides jans-core-message library to work with PubSub servers. It has minimum dependencies and can be integrated in other projects. Current implementation supports 2 servers PostgreSQL and Redis.

To work with PostgreSQL/Redis servers it has MessageInterface/MessageProvider implementations. It has methods to subscribe and publish messages defined in:

public abstract class MessageProvider<T> implements MessageInterface {

     * Delegate internal connection object
    public abstract T getDelegate();

    public abstract MessageProviderType getProviderType();

    public abstract void shutdown();


public interface MessageInterface {

    void subscribe(PubSubInterface pubSubAdapter, String... channels);

    void unsubscribe(PubSubInterface pubSubAdapter);

    boolean publish(String channel, String message);


All methods defined in this interface MessageInterface are asynchronous. MessageProvider provides additional methods needed to determine it type and handle correct shutdown.

PubSubInterface here defines call back class which API should call on messaging events:

To add new PubSub support library should add new MessageProvider implementation.

public interface PubSubInterface {

    void onMessage(String channel, String message);

    void onSubscribe(String channel, int subscribedChannels);

    void onUnsubscribe(String channel, int subscribedChannels);


New PDP support#

To add new PDP support jar file should has 2 classes implementation: MessageConsumer and PolicyConsumer. Lock has 2 implementations of these interfaces OpaMessageConsumer and OpaPolicyConsumer. After adding jar with new PDP support Lock should automatically find these implementations at startup.

public abstract class MessageConsumer implements MessageConsumerInterface {

    public abstract String getMessageConsumerType();

    public abstract void destroy();


public interface MessageConsumerInterface extends PubSubInterface {

    public boolean putData(String message, JsonNode messageNode);


Reference implementation for OPA is OpaMessageConsumer. It subscribes to message channels and send data to OPA through Rest API.

public abstract class PolicyConsumer implements MessagePolicyInterface {

    public abstract String getPolicyConsumerType();

    public abstract void destroy();


public interface MessagePolicyInterface {

    public boolean putPolicies(String sourceUri, List<String> policies);

    public boolean removePolicies(String sourceUri);


Reference implementation for OPA is OpaPolicyConsumer. PolicyDownloadService calls this service to send updates to OPA through Rest API.

Last update: 2024-03-04
Created: 2023-12-12