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Auth Server provides the federated identity functionality of the Janssen Platform. The server is a fork of oxAuth, the engine of Gluu Server 4. The design goal of Auth Server was speed, scalability and flexibility for large scale enterprise deployments. It is based on the Java Weld framework, a stable platform that provides many features out of the box.

Auth Server is a fairly comprehensive implementation of OpenID Connect, which itself is built on top of OAuth 2.0. See the latest OpenID certifications for OpenID Providers, FAPI OpenID Providers, and FAPI-CIBA OpenID Providers for the latest results.

Supported Standards#



User Managed Access (UMA)

For the above specifications, Auth Server implements many features--all of the MUST's, but also many of the SHOULD's and MAY's. If you find any discrepancies, please raise an issue.

Last update: 2024-03-26
Created: 2022-09-02