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OpenID Configuration

OpenID Configuration Endpoint aka .well-known/openid-configuration#

The Configuration Endpoint returns both the OP server metadata, and OAuth AS metdata, most of which is defined in the OpenID Discovery Spec, although other configuration metadata is defined in other OpenID specifications, or in OAuth specifications.

If you want to customize the configuration response, you can use the OpenID Config Interception Script, which enables you to filter the results, modify claim values, or add claims.

If you want to explicitly allow only certain OpenID Metadata claims, you can supply a list of the claims in the opConfigMetadataAllowList Auth Server Property.

Below is a list of all the current available claims, and where they are specified.

Claim Origin
access_token_signing_alg_values_supported ?
acr_values_supported OpenID
authorization_encryption_alg_values_supported ?
authorization_encryption_enc_values_supported ?
authorization_endpoint OpenID
authorization_signing_alg_values_supported ?
backchannel_authentication_endpoint ?
backchannel_logout_session_supported ?
backchannel_logout_supported ?
backchannel_token_delivery_modes_supported ?
backchannel_user_code_parameter_supported ?
check_session_iframe ?
claim_types_supported ?
claims_locales_supported ?
claims_parameter_supported ?
claims_supported OpenID
clientinfo_endpoint ?
device_authorization_endpoint ?
display_values_supported ?
dpop_signing_alg_values_supported ?
end_session_endpoint ?
frontchannel_logout_session_supported ?
frontchannel_logout_supported ?
grant_types_supported ?
id_token_encryption_alg_values_supported ?
id_token_encryption_enc_values_supported ?
id_token_signing_alg_values_supported ?
id_token_token_binding_cnf_values_supported ?
introspection_endpoint ?
issuer OpenID
jwks_uri OpenID
op_tos_uri OpenID
pushed_authorization_request_endpoint ?
registration_endpoint OpenID
request_object_encryption_alg_values_supported OpenID
request_object_encryption_enc_values_supported OpenID
request_object_signing_alg_values_supported OpenID
request_parameter_supported OpenID
request_uri_parameter_supported OpenID
require_pushed_authorization_requests ?
require_request_uri_registration ?
response_modes_supported OpenID
response_types_supported OpenID
revocation_endpoint ?
scopes_supported ?
service_documentation ?
session_revocation_endpoint ?
ssa_endpoint Janssen
subject_types_supported OpenID
tls_client_certificate_bound_access_tokens ?
token_endpoint OpenID
token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported OpenID
token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values_supported OpenID
ui_locales_supported OpenID
userinfo_encryption_alg_values_supported OpenID
userinfo_encryption_enc_values_supported OpenID
userinfo_endpoint OpenID
userinfo_signing_alg_values_supported OpenID

Notes on specific OP Server Metadata claims#

  • claims_supported Each user claim (in Jans jargon, "Attribute") has a property called jansHideOnDiscovery--if you don't want a claim to appear in .well-known/openid-configuration, set this to true for the Attribute entity.

  • ssa_endpoint This is the endpoint which issues Software Statement Assertions JWT's. It is an OAuth protected endpoint.

Last update: 2023-03-30
Created: 2022-07-21