VM Cluster


For high availability, we recommend using the Cloud Native(CN) deployment instead of VM cluster deployments.

What if you need four or five nines availability, but cloud native is not an option? You could cluster Janssen using VM's, but you'll have to do some legwork, because we don't publish tools for this task. This planning guide will cover some of the things you'll need to consider.

  1. Hostname Remember when you run the linux setup to use the hostname of the cluster,not the hostname of the individual server. This is important because the OpenID Provider metadata needs to use the public hostname (i.e. the URL's you'll find at /.well-known/openid-configuration)

  2. Load Balancing / SSL As Auth Server and FIDO (the two Internet facing components) are stateless, you can use any load balancer routing algorithm, even round robin. You can also use the load balancer to terminate SSL.

  3. Database The web services Janssen Components share the database, so you'll have to use database replication (e.g. OpenDJ replication). You could also use a cloud database that takes care of replication for you.

  4. Cache You can't use IN-MEMORY cache which would have no way to replicate to the other nodes in the network. You could use the Database for caching, although this will impact performance, although it's only an issue for high concurrency use cases. If you are using Couchbase, it has caching built-in. But if you are another database and need high concurrency, our recommendation is to use Redis for caching, which has less cache hit misses then Memcached.

  5. Key management Where to you store the private keys? If on the file system, you'll have to make sure that they get securely copied. This is trickier then it sounds because of key rotation. OpenID Connect working group suggests key rotation every two day, to make sure developers who write OpenID applications handle key rotation properly in their code, and don't hardcode the metadata, but retrieve it from the OpenID configuration endpoint.

  6. Customizations You must copy any libraries, xhtml pages, CSS or javascript must be available on all servers.

Last update: 2023-05-18
Created: 2022-07-21