Class SubFilterGenerator

  • public class SubFilterGenerator
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • SubFilterGenerator

        public SubFilterGenerator​(boolean ldapBackend)
    • Method Detail

      • build

        public io.jans.util.Pair<,​String> build​(String subAttribute,
                                                                                      String attribute,
                                                                                      String compValue,
                                                                                      AttributeDefinition.Type attrType,
                                                                                      CompValueType type,
                                                                                      ScimOperator operator,
                                                                                      Boolean multiValued)
        Computes a filter based on an atomic (non-divisible) SCIM expression described by the set of parameters passed. If the filter cannot be built, null is returned.
        subAttribute - The name of the json property upon which the search is acting. If the search is targetted directly upon an attribute, this is null
        attribute - The attribute of interest. If the attribute contains json contents, the search can be focused on a sub-attribute inside it
        compValue - The comparison value (it's found after the operator, e.g "hi" in displayName co "hi")
        attrType - The attribute definition type of the attribute
        type - See compvalue in ScimFilter.g4 grammar file
        operator - The operator
        multiValued - Whether the attribute referenced in parameter is multivalued or not (null tries to handle both)
        The filter built after processing this atomic expression (accompanied with an error string if any)