Class SsaGetAction

  • @Named
    public class SsaGetAction
    extends Object
    Provides the method to get existing SSAs based on certain conditions.
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      • SsaGetAction

        public SsaGetAction()
    • Method Detail

      • get

        public get​(String jti,
                                               String orgId,
                                               jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest httpRequest)
        Get existing active SSA based on "jti" or "org_id".

        Method will return a WebApplicationException with status 401 if this functionality is not enabled, request has to have at least scope "ssa.admin" or "ssa.portal", it will also return a WebApplicationException with status 500 in case an uncontrolled error occurs when processing the method.

        Response of this method can be modified using the following custom script SSA Custom Script, method get.

        Method also performs the search based on the scope, if the scope is "ssa.admin" it is based on all SSA records, but if the scope is "ssa.portal", then it only returns the SSA list corresponding to the same org.

        jti - Unique identifier
        orgId - Organization ID
        httpRequest - Http request
        Response with status 200 (Ok) and the body containing the list of SSAs.