Interface JwkRestWebService

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    public interface JwkRestWebService

    Provides interface for JWK REST web services

    A JSON Web Key (JWK) is a JSON data structure that represents a set of public keys as a JSON object [RFC4627]. The JWK format is used to represent bare keys. JSON Web Keys are referenced in JSON Web Signatures (JWSs) using the jku (JSON Key URL) header parameter.

    It is sometimes useful to be able to reference public key representations, for instance, in order to verify the signature on content signed with the corresponding private key. The JSON Web Key (JWK) data structure provides a convenient JSON representation for sets of public keys utilizing either the Elliptic Curve or RSA families of algorithms.

    Javier Rojas Blum Date: 11.15.2011
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      Modifier and Type Method Description requestJwk​( securityContext)
      The JWK endpoint.
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        @Produces("application/json") requestJwk​(@Context
        The JWK endpoint.
        securityContext - An injectable interface that provides access to security related information.
        The JSON Web Key data structure JWK. A JWK consists of a JWK Container Object, which is a JSON object that contains an array of JWK Key Objects as a member.