Class Name

  • public class Name
    extends Object
    A class that represents the components of a user's name. See section 4.1.1 of RFC 7643.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Name

        public Name()
    • Method Detail

      • computeFormattedName

        public String computeFormattedName()
        From this Name instance, it builds a string depicting a full name including all middle names, titles, and suffixes as appropriate for display if the formatted field of this object is null or empty
        A string representing a full name. The formatted field will be set to this value
      • getFormatted

        public String getFormatted()
      • setFormatted

        public void setFormatted​(String formatted)
      • getFamilyName

        public String getFamilyName()
      • setFamilyName

        public void setFamilyName​(String familyName)
      • getGivenName

        public String getGivenName()
      • setGivenName

        public void setGivenName​(String givenName)
      • getMiddleName

        public String getMiddleName()
      • setMiddleName

        public void setMiddleName​(String middleName)
      • getHonorificPrefix

        public String getHonorificPrefix()
      • setHonorificPrefix

        public void setHonorificPrefix​(String honorificPrefix)
      • getHonorificSuffix

        public String getHonorificSuffix()
      • setHonorificSuffix

        public void setHonorificSuffix​(String honorificSuffix)