Class BulkOperation

  • public class BulkOperation
    extends Object
    A class representing the components of a SCIM Bulk operation as per section 3.7 of RFC 7644.
    Rahat Ali Date: 05.08.2015
    • Constructor Detail

      • BulkOperation

        public BulkOperation()
    • Method Detail

      • getMethod

        public String getMethod()
      • setMethod

        public void setMethod​(String method)
      • getBulkId

        public String getBulkId()
      • setBulkId

        public void setBulkId​(String bulkId)
      • getPath

        public String getPath()
      • setPath

        public void setPath​(String path)
      • getDataStr

        public String getDataStr()
      • getLocation

        public String getLocation()
      • setLocation

        public void setLocation​(String location)
      • getResponse

        public Object getResponse()
      • setResponse

        public void setResponse​(Object response)
      • getStatus

        public String getStatus()
      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(String status)