Annotation Type StoreReference

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface StoreReference
    An annotation used to tie a field (class member) to an LDAP attribute. This is not used for persisting resources but only for building LDAP filters when queries are issued. This is a mechanism to be able to convert filter expressions as in section of RFC 7644 to LDAP expressions.
    • Element Detail

      • ref

        String ref
        The LDAP attribute that the class field being annotated with this annotation (StoreReference) is mapping to by default
        LDAP attribute name
      • resourceType

        Class<? extends BaseScimResource>[] resourceType
        A collection of subclasses of the base class BaseScimResource. This "collection" goes paired with the values of element refs()
        An array of classes
      • refs

        String[] refs
        Describes a mapping of LDAP attribute names and resource types for the class field being annotated with StoreReference. This is useful when a default value for LDAP attribute cannot be given, that is, when the LDAP attribute varies depending on whether it is a User or a Group
        An array of strings (representing LDAP attribute names). When providing this element, also resourceType() must be provided and both arrays must have the same length