Interface ClientSideFido2DeviceService

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    CloseableClient, IFido2DeviceWebService
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    public interface ClientSideFido2DeviceService
    extends IFido2DeviceWebService, CloseableClient
    An interface that exhibits operations to manipulate Fido2Device SCIM resources.

    The parameters attrsList and excludedAttrsList found in methods of this interface are aimed at specifying the "attributes" and "excludedAttributes" query params regarded in section 3.9 of SCIM spec protocol document (RFC 7644).

    Every SCIM service operation that returns resources (e.g Users, Groups, etc.) offers the possibility to specify which attributes can be included for every resource part of the response. The default behavior is returning those attributes that according to the resource Schema have returnability = "always" in addition to those with returnability = "default".

    attrsList is used to override the default attribute set, so when supplying a not-null or not empty String, the attributes included in the resource(s) of the response will be those with returnability = "always" as well as those specified by attrsList.

    This parameter consists of a comma-separated list of attribute names. An example of a valid value for attrsList when the resource of interest is User, could be: userName, active, name.familyName, addresses, emails.value, emails.type, urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:gluu:2.0:User:myCustomAttribute

    Note that attributes marked with returnability = "never" (such as a User password) will always be filtered out from the output, so including such attributes in attrsList has no effect.

    excludedAttrsList is used to specify the set of attributes that should be excluded from the default attribute set. In this sense, the resources found in the response will include the attributes whose returnability = "always" in addition to those with returnability = "default" except for those included in excludedAttrsList. As with attrsList, this parameter must be in the form of a comma-separated list of attribute names.

    attrsList and excludedAttrsList are mutually exclusive: if both are provided only attrsList will be taken into account to compute the output attribute set.

    • Method Detail

      • updateF2Device

        @Produces({"application/scim+json; charset=utf-8","application/json; charset=utf-8"})
        @DefaultValue("application/scim+json") updateF2Device​(String jsonDevice,
                                                   String id,
                                                   String attrsList,
                                                   String excludedAttrsList)
        Invokes a service method that allows updating a Fido 2 device resource via PUT (as per section 3.5.1 of RFC 7644).

        This operation is not suitable to delete/remove/nullify attributes. For this purpose you can use the PATCH operation instead. PUT is intended to do replacements using the (not-null) values supplied in jsonDevice parameter.

        To learn more about how the update works, read the replacement rules found at method io.jans.scim.model.scim2.util.ScimResourceUtil#transferToResourceReplace.

        jsonDevice - A String with the payload for the update. It represents the object that contains the data to update on a destination resource. There is no need to supply a full resource, just provide one with the attributes which are intended to be replaced in the destination.
        id - The id of the resource to update (destination)
        attrsList - See notes about attributes query param in this interface description
        excludedAttrsList - See notes about excludedAttributes query param in this interface description
        An object abstracting the response obtained from the server to this request. A succesful response for this operation should contain a status code of 200 and a FidoDeviceResource in the entity body (the resource after the update took place)