Class ClientMap

    • Method Detail

      • instance

        public static ClientMap instance()
      • update

        public void update​( client,
                           String value)
        Puts a new client/value pair in the map. If client already exists, the value is replaced.
        client - RestEasy client
        value - Value to associate to this client - normally an access token
      • remove

        public void remove​( client)
        Removes a client from the map and then calls its close method to free resources.
        client - Client to remove
      • getValue

        public String getValue​( client)
        Gets the value associated to this client in the map.
        client - RestEasy client
        A string value. If there is no entry for client in the map, returns null
      • clean

        public void clean()
        Flushes the client/value map (it will be empty after invocation). Call this method when your application is being shut-down.
      • getCustomHeaders

        public<String,​String> getCustomHeaders​( client)
      • setCustomHeaders

        public void setCustomHeaders​( client,
                           <String,​String> headersMap)