Interface DeviceAuthorizationRestWebService

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      Modifier and Type Method Description deviceAuthorization​(String clientId, String scope, jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest httpRequest, jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse httpResponse, securityContext)
      Device Authorization Request [RFC8628 3.1].
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      • deviceAuthorization

        @Produces("application/json") deviceAuthorization​(@FormParam("client_id")
                                                        String clientId,
                                                        String scope,
                                                        jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest httpRequest,
                                                        jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse httpResponse,
        Device Authorization Request [RFC8628 3.1]. Generates user_code, device_code and data needed to follow the device authorization flow in other rest services.
        clientId - REQUIRED The client identifier as described in Section 2.2 of [RFC6749].
        scope - The scope of the access request as defined by Section 3.3 of [RFC6749].