Class BaseRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseRequest

        protected BaseRequest()
    • Method Detail

      • getContentType

        public String getContentType()
      • setContentType

        public void setContentType​(String contentType)
      • getMediaType

        public String getMediaType()
      • setMediaType

        public void setMediaType​(String mediaType)
      • getAuthUsername

        public String getAuthUsername()
      • setAuthUsername

        public void setAuthUsername​(String authUsername)
      • getAuthPassword

        public String getAuthPassword()
      • setAuthPassword

        public void setAuthPassword​(String authPassword)
      • getAuthenticationMethod

        public getAuthenticationMethod()
      • setAuthenticationMethod

        public void setAuthenticationMethod​( authenticationMethod)
      • getAuthorizationMethod

        public getAuthorizationMethod()
      • setAuthorizationMethod

        public void setAuthorizationMethod​( authorizationMethod)
      • addCustomParameter

        public void addCustomParameter​(String paramName,
                                       String paramValue)
      • hasCredentials

        public boolean hasCredentials()
      • getEncodedCredentials

        public String getEncodedCredentials()
        Returns the client credentials encoded using base64.
        The encoded client credentials.
      • getJSONParameters

        public org.json.JSONObject getJSONParameters()
                                              throws org.json.JSONException
      • getQueryString

        public abstract String getQueryString()