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Casa - Self-service MFA portal#


Casa is a self-service web portal that allows end users to view, enroll, and remove MFA credentials, including hardware tokens, software tokens, commercial services (like Duo), social login, biometric, and mobile. Casa is also extensible. As new authentication technologies arise, you can download plugins to leverage them in your organization through Casa.

casa diagram


  • Installed Janssen Server

Installing Casa#

Casa gets installed as an add-on to Janssen Server and integrates with jans-auth-server module as an OpenID connect Relying Party. Casa can be installed using the command below.

Currently, Casa installation is supported on CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.

The following steps will install Casa as an add-on.

  • Download installer
  wget  -O
  • Run the installer

Automate install#

If you have file and want to automate installation, you can pass properties file as

python3 -f /path/to/ -n -c

Minimal example file:

  • You will be prompted:
    Install Admin UI [Y/n]:. Select n

  • You will be prompted:
    Install Casa [Y/n]:. Select y

  • At the end of the installation you will be presented with a URL to access the Casa portal.

  • You can use this URL and log into the portal using the administrator credentials that you created during the Janssen Server installation.

Enabling Authentication methods#

  1. Go to /opt/jans/jetty/casa folder and execute touch .administrable. Further reading

  2. Enable authentication mechanisms in Jan-auth server like otp, fido2, email_otp.

    python3 /opt/jans/jans-setup/ -enable-script="<inum_of_script>"
    Inum displayName
    09A0-93D7 smpp
    5018-D4BF otp
    5018-F9CF duo
    8BAF-80D7 fido2
    92F0-BF9E super_gluu
    09A0-93D6 twilio_sms

    When successfully enabled, you should see a confirmation message similar to the one below on console:

    Please wait while collecting properties...
    Enabling scripts 5018-D4BF
  3. Login to the Casa portal as an administrator

  4. Enable authentication methods by navigating to Administration console -> Enabled Authentication methods. Details about enabling authentication methods are available in Casa documentation

Configuring authentication methods#

At this point, users (How to create users) can log in to the Casa portal and enable/configure one or more authentication methods for their account.

Uninstalling Casa from Janssen Server#

Execute following command to uninstall Casa from Janssen Server

python3 -remove casa

Last update: 2022-10-27
Created: 2022-07-21