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Janssen Server Installation FAQs#

After installation, how do I verify that the Janssen Server is up and running?#

Health and status of Janssen Server and its various processes can be verified in multiple ways:

Use the Janssen Server Health Check endpoint#

Janssen Server provides a health check endpoint for Authentication module. It can be invoked from commandline using CURL as below:

curl -k https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/sys/health-check

For a healthy server, this option will return output as below:

Please wait while retrieving data ...

"status": "running",
"db_status": "online"

Access .well-known endpoints#

Janssen Server exposes .well-known endpoint for openid configuration as per the OpenIDConnect RFC. Successful response from this endpoint is also an indicator of healthy authentication module.

From command-line interface, use CURL to access this endpoint. For example:

curl https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/.well-known/openid-configuration

This should return JSON response from Janssen Server as per OpenId specification. Sample below:

  "request_parameter_supported" : true,
  "pushed_authorization_request_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/par",
  "introspection_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/introspection",
  "claims_parameter_supported" : false,
  "issuer" : "https://janssen-host-name",
  "userinfo_encryption_enc_values_supported" : [ "RSA1_5", "RSA-OAEP", "A128KW", "A256KW" ],
  "id_token_encryption_enc_values_supported" : [ "A128CBC+HS256", "A256CBC+HS512", "A128GCM", "A256GCM" ],
  "authorization_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/authorize",
  "service_documentation" : "",
  "authorization_encryption_alg_values_supported" : [ "RSA1_5", "RSA-OAEP", "A128KW", "A256KW" ],
  "claims_supported" : [ "street_address", "country", "zoneinfo", "birthdate", "role", "gender", "user_name", "formatted", "phone_mobile_number", "preferred_username", "inum", "locale", "updated_at", "post_office_box", "nickname", "preferred_language", "email", "website", "email_verified", "profile", "locality", "room_number", "phone_number_verified", "given_name", "middle_name", "picture", "name", "phone_number", "postal_code", "region", "family_name", "jansAdminUIRole" ],
  "token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported" : [ "client_secret_basic", "client_secret_post", "client_secret_jwt", "private_key_jwt", "tls_client_auth", "self_signed_tls_client_auth" ],
  "tls_client_certificate_bound_access_tokens" : true,
  "response_modes_supported" : [ "FORM_POST", "QUERY_JWT", "FRAGMENT_JWT", "FORM_POST_JWT", "QUERY", "FRAGMENT", "JWT" ],
  "backchannel_logout_session_supported" : true,
  "token_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/token",
  "response_types_supported" : [ "id_token token", "id_token", "code", "code token", "id_token code token", "id_token code", "token" ],
  "authorization_encryption_enc_values_supported" : [ "A128CBC+HS256", "A256CBC+HS512", "A128GCM", "A256GCM" ],
  "backchannel_token_delivery_modes_supported" : [ "poll", "ping", "push" ],
  "dpop_signing_alg_values_supported" : [ "RS256", "RS384", "RS512", "ES256", "ES384", "ES512", "ES512", "PS256", "PS384", "PS512" ],
  "request_uri_parameter_supported" : true,
  "backchannel_user_code_parameter_supported" : false,
  "ui_locales_supported" : [ "en", "bg", "de", "es", "fr", "it", "ru", "tr" ],
  "userinfo_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/userinfo",
  "op_tos_uri" : "",
  "require_request_uri_registration" : false,
  "id_token_encryption_alg_values_supported" : [ "RSA1_5", "RSA-OAEP", "A128KW", "A256KW" ],
  "frontchannel_logout_session_supported" : true,
  "authorization_signing_alg_values_supported" : [ "HS256", "HS384", "HS512", "RS256", "RS384", "RS512", "ES256", "ES384", "ES512", "ES512", "PS256", "PS384", "PS512" ],
  "claims_locales_supported" : [ "en" ],
  "clientinfo_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/clientinfo",
  "request_object_signing_alg_values_supported" : [ "none", "HS256", "HS384", "HS512", "RS256", "RS384", "RS512", "ES256", "ES384", "ES512", "ES512", "PS256", "PS384", "PS512" ],
  "request_object_encryption_alg_values_supported" : [ "RSA1_5", "RSA-OAEP", "A128KW", "A256KW" ],
  "session_revocation_endpoint" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/restv1/revoke_session",
  "check_session_iframe" : "https://janssen-host-name/jans-auth/opiframe.htm",
  "scopes_supported" : [ "", "address", "user_name", "clientinfo", "openid", "", "profile", "uma_protection", "permission", "", "", "", "revoke_session", "", "", "", "phone", "mobile_phone", "offline_access", "", "email", "", "jans_client_api" ],
  "backchannel_logout_supported" : true,
  "acr_values_supported" : [ "simple_password_auth" ],
  "request_object_encryption_enc_values_supported" : [ "A128CBC+HS256", "A256CBC+HS512", "A128GCM", "A256GCM" ],

Check OS Services#

Check the OS platform Janssen Services and their status

Check Logs#

Check logs for errors

How can I see status of Janssen OS platform services?#


systemctl list-units --all "jans*"

Command above should list services along with its current status.

UNIT                    LOAD   ACTIVE SUB     DESCRIPTION               
jans-auth.service       loaded active running Janssen OAauth service    
jans-config-api.service loaded active running Janssen Config API service
jans-fido2.service      loaded active running Janssen Fido2 Service     
jans-scim.service       loaded active running Janssen Scim service      

LOAD   = Reflects whether the unit definition was properly loaded.
ACTIVE = The high-level unit activation state, i.e. generalization of SUB.
SUB    = The low-level unit activation state, values depend on unit type.

5 loaded units listed.


Some process listed above may not be available in every installation based on options selected during installation.

Where can I find Janssen Server logs?#

During installation, Janssen Server produces setup logs under following location:


Individual modules of the Janssen Server will continue to write their operational logs under respective directory at path below:


How do I check the version of Janssen server?#


After installation, what's next?#

After successful installation of the Janssen Server, move on to the configuration steps in the Command Line Interface documentation to align Janssen with your organizational requirements.

Last update: 2022-12-06
Created: 2022-05-18