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Configuration Parameters of Janssen's FIDO2 server:#

Field named Example Description
issuer URL using the https scheme with no query or fragment component. The OP asserts this as its Issuer Identifier
baseEndpoint https://my-jans-server/jans-fido2/restv1 Base URL of the FIDO2 server Endpoints
cleanServiceInterval 60 Time interval for the Clean Service in seconds.
cleanServiceBatchChunkSize 10000 Each clean up iteration fetches chunk of expired data per base dn and removes it from storage.
useLocalCache true Boolean value specifying whether to enable local in-memory cache for attributes, scopes, clients and organization configuration
disableJdkLogger true Boolean value specifying whether to enable JDK Loggers
loggingLevel "INFO" or "TRACE" or "DEBUG" Logging level for FIDO2 server
loggingLayout "text" or "json" Contents of logs as plain text or json format
externalLoggerConfiguration Path to external log4j2 logging configuration
metricReporterInterval 300 The interval for metric reporter in seconds.
metricReporterKeepDataDays 15 The number of days to retain metric reported data in the system
metricReporterEnabled true Boolean value specifying whether to enable Metric Reporter
personCustomObjectClassList ["jansCustomPerson", "jansPerson" ] LDAP custom object class list for dynamic person enrollment.
fido2Configuration See JSON contents in the below example FIDO2 Configuration
authenticatorCertsFolder /etc/jans/conf/fido2/authenticator_cert Authenticators certificates fodler.
mdsCertsFolder /etc/jans/conf/fido2/mds/cert MDS TOC root certificates folder.
mdsTocsFolder /etc/jans/conf/fido2/mds/toc MDS TOC files folder.
serverMetadataFolder /etc/jans/conf/fido2/server_metadata Authenticators metadata in json format. Example: virtual devices.
requestedCredentialTypes ["RS256","ES256"]
requestedParties [{"name":"","domains":[""]}] Requested party name.
userAutoEnrollment false Allow to enroll users on enrollment/authentication requests.
unfinishedRequestExpiration 180 Expiration time in seconds for pending enrollment/authentication requests
authenticationHistoryExpiration 1296000 Expiration time in seconds for approved authentication requests.

Configuring the FIDO2 server:#

1. Read Configuration parameters:#

Use the following command to obtain configuration parameters:

/opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id get-properties-fido2


  "issuer": "https://my.jans.server",
  "baseEndpoint": "https://my.jans.server/jans-fido2/restv1",
  "cleanServiceInterval": 60,
  "cleanServiceBatchChunkSize": 10000,
  "useLocalCache": true,
  "disableJdkLogger": true,
  "loggingLevel": "DEBUG",
  "loggingLayout": "text",
  "metricReporterInterval": 300,
  "metricReporterKeepDataDays": 15,
  "metricReporterEnabled": true,
  "personCustomObjectClassList": [
  "superGluuEnabled": true,
  "oldU2fMigrationEnabled": true,
  "fido2Configuration": {
    "authenticatorCertsFolder": "/etc/jans/conf/fido2/authenticator_cert",
    "mdsCertsFolder": "/etc/jans/conf/fido2/mds/cert",
    "mdsTocsFolder": "/etc/jans/conf/fido2/mds/toc",
    "checkU2fAttestations": false,
    "userAutoEnrollment": false,
    "unfinishedRequestExpiration": 180,
    "authenticationHistoryExpiration": 1296000,
    "serverMetadataFolder": "/etc/jans/conf/fido2/server_metadata",
    "requestedCredentialTypes": [
    "requestedParties": [
        "name": "https://my.jans.server",
        "domains": [

2. Update configuration parameters:#

Steps: A. Create a JSON file say /tmp/config_values.json by editing the JSON from Point 1 B. Use the following command /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id post-config-scripts --data /tmp/config_values.json

3. Change log level of FIDO2 server#

Steps: A. Create a JSON file say /tmp/config_values.json by editing the JSON from Point 1. Edit loggingLevel to TRACE or DEBUG or INFO B. Use the following command /opt/jans/jans-cli/ --operation-id put-properties-fido --data /tmp/config_values.json

4. Locating FIDO2 configuration in Persistence Layer#

While it is not recommended that an administrator directly edits a configuration at the persistence layer, it may be useful information for a developer.

    jansAppConf {
        string doc_id PK ""
        string ou  "jans-fido2"
        string jansConfDyn "json configuration for the app"
graph LR
A[ou=jans] --> V(ou=configuration)
     V --> V5[ou=jans-fido2]

Last update: 2023-02-21
Created: 2022-07-07