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Java classpath#

Any public method from a public class or static method from a public interface that belongs to the classpath of jans-auth webapp can be used in Agama flows. This means a class/interface is accessible as long as it is part of:

  • jans-auth.war > WEB-INF/lib/*.jar or,
  • jans-auth.war > WEB-INF/classes or,
  • /opt/jans/jetty/jans-auth/custom/libs/*.jar (may require edition of jans-auth.xml)

Additionally, it is possible to upload source code on the fly to augment the classpath. Any valid Java or Groovy file is accepted and must be located under /opt/jans/jetty/jans-auth/agama/scripts. A class named com.acme.Person for instance, must reside in com/acme/Person under the scripts directory.

Specifically, classes in scripts directory can only be accessed through Call directives. As an example suppose you added classes A and B to scripts, and A depends on B. Calls using class A will work and any change to files A and/or B will be picked automatically. On the contrary, trying to load this kind of classes using Class.forName either from a jar file in custom/libs or from Agama itself will degenerate in ClassNotFoundException. Note A and B can also depend on classes found in any of the three locations listed above.

This "hot" reloading feature can be a big time saver while developing flows because there is no need to restart the jans-auth webapp. Also, only the files that get modified are effectively re-compiled.

Last update: 2022-09-27
Created: 2022-06-24