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SMTP Configuration#

Prerequisite: Know how to use the Janssen CLI in interactive mode

Janssen CLI also supports SMTP configuration. You can do the following things as stated below: - View/Get - Add/Delete - Update - Test

Simply select option '10' from Main Menu, It will show some options as below:

Configuration – SMTP
1 Returns SMTP server configuration
2 Adds SMTP server configuration
3 Updates SMTP server configuration
4 Deletes SMTP server configuration
5 Test SMTP server configuration
Just go with the option and perform operation.

Get Current SMTP Server Configuration#

To view the current SMTP server configuration on your Janssen server, please select option 1, it will return as below:

Returns SMTP server configuration
Please wait while retreiving data ...

Getting access token for scope

  "host": null,
  "port": 0,
  "requiresSsl": null,
  "serverTrust": null,
  "fromName": null,
  "fromEmailAddress": null,
  "requiresAuthentication": null,
  "userName": null,
  "password": null

Setup new SMTP server#

To add a smtp server, chose option 2 from SMTP Configuration Menu. It will ask few things to fill each property.

  • host
  • port
  • requiresSsl[true, false]
  • serverTrust[true, false]
  • fromName
  • fromEmailAddress
  • requireAuthentication [true, false]
  • username
  • password
Obtained Data:

  "host": null,
  "port": null,
  "requiresSsl": false,
  "serverTrust": false,
  "fromName": null,
  "fromEmailAddress": null,
  "requiresAuthentication": false,
  "userName": null,
  "password": null


Test SMTP Configuration#

If the server is running, and all the information you have entered is correct. You can test SMTP server from the following option 5, it will respond if the server is configured properly.

Last update: 2022-09-27
Created: 2021-04-22