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Menu Driven Interactive Mode#

We will refer Menu-driven Interactive Mode as IM. To run IM just simply execute jans-cli as follows:


Note: You can supply certificate and key with options --key-file and --cert-file, to disable ssl verification use -noverify. For more information /opt/jans/jans-cli/ -h

You will see the main menu as below:

jans-cli Main Menu

Using IM is very simple and intuitive. Just make a selection and answer questions. There is a special option to read value for a question from a file using _file tag. This option is the most suitable choice to input the large text (e.g., interception script source code or JSON file content). To use this option input _file /path/of/file e.g. _file /home/user/ From the following menu, you can choose an option by selecting its number.

IM uses auto-filler for user inputs. When you type, it displays available values. To see all values, press space button. For example:

jans-cli Auto Fill

Quick Tips#

  1. _ is an escape character for IM mode. For example, you can create a list ["me", "you"] by entering me_,you
  2. _true means boolean True instead of string "true", similarly _false is boolean False instead of string "false"
  3. _null is comprehended as None (or in json null)
  4. _x exits the current process and go back to the parent menu
  5. _file path_to_file the string property will be read ffrom file path_to_file
  6. _q refers to quit

Last update: 2022-09-27
Created: 2021-04-24